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  • When contacting me, do not send any lewd or sexual messages, because I will not respond, and you will be blocked. Please be respectful and note that I do not pick up phone calls. E-mail and text with a proper inquiry only. 

  • Pre bookings are highly recommended. While I try to make myself available to last minute bookings, I appreciate at least a days notice, and cannot promise availability throughout my day. A same-day booking fee will be applied at my discretion.

  • Screening is mandatory. Screening information can include 2 past providers' references, LinkedIn URL or job profile, an email sent from your work domain to verify employment, or a photo ID. All information exchanged are strictly confidential.

  • A 30% deposit is required to book a date. The deposit goes towards the overall total donation. These are nonrefundable. (In case of any unexpected changes or cancellation on my side, the deposit will be completely refunded). 

  • Please have the donation ready in an unsealed envelope, and place it on the desk upon arrival. If we are in a public space, place the envelope in a gift bag and hand it to me upon arrival

  • All FMTY dates require a travel fee that must include the cost of a first/business class travel, as well as the cost of a 4-5 star accommodation. All FMTY dates require a 30% deposit and at least a 24 hour notice. 

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